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For almost 20 years breeder Luc Henry has been in the headlines in the world of sport horses.

Since the beginning of his career, many people predicted his downfall, blaming his "unconsciousness". How can he have a profitable business that will feed himself and his family based only on breeding horses and a loan from the bank? 

Often faced with fear, Luc always accepted whatever Life threw at him - whether it be success or failure. He possesses a unique ability to put things into a greater perspective at any time. To say that Luc Henry has never scared himself would be untrue, however, his strength always lies in knowing that his limits are only those he gives himself.

For Luc, a large part of existence is based on our beliefs and our confidence in Life. This mindset has often enabled him to face unfamiliar situations or to set up projects. This approach might have seemed unrealistic to other breeders. Not all of his projects were successful – but over time, it must be said, there is more to admire than to mock. Luc Henry is admired by some as an example to follow, although of course, he also has his detractors.

How many breeders can claim to have started their adventure by being the co-owner of a Belgian Champion horse? An adventure that began with Jérôme Guery, who since then has made his way amongst the world's elite riders.

How many breeders can claim to have owned and managed horses with two World Champion riders?

How many breeders can claim to have owned an individual World Champion mare?

How many breeders can claim to have sold two stallions to Zangersheide who are today amongst the most popular in Europe - Aganix du Seigneur Z and Dourkhan Hero Z?

Luc Henry was also one of the first to have the faith to breed 30 foals from Kassander van’t Roosakker while the stallion was still at the beginning of his career. Alongside Aganix and Dourkhan, Kassander is currently one of the headliners of the famous Lanaken stud in Belgium.

In 2003, Luc Henry was the first breeder in the world, in association with Joris de Brabander, to have bred and approved two stallions in an official studbook - born in the same year, from the same mare! Those stallions being Querlybet Hero and Quel Hero de Muze, both from the damline of Narcotique de Muze. Consistent with his pioneering spirit, Luc was also one of the first to set up a satellite breeding programme in Ireland at the beginning of the 2010s and to manage it with the success we now know him for. The exceptional mares Attoucha Hero Z, Alana Hero Z, and the stallion Ganesh Hero Z were all born in Ireland, at Kinmar Stud. 

Faithful in friendship as in business, Luc Henry, after more than ten years, remains the privileged partner of Marc Kluskens, breeder of Usha and the entire Roosakker dynasty.

Luc Henry has never followed anyone else’s formula, he has his own way, and within this has always heeded one succinct guideline: go fast and go high!

He sums up his way of operating in five pertinent sentences that he particularly likes:

1. Listen to everyone and follow your heart: my intuition is my best guide.

2. Improve by being inspired by the natural functioning of Life and its evolution.

3. Listen constantly to Life and Nature through observation and feeling.

4. Successful people all have one thing in common: trust and selflessness.

5. Advance without regret with total commitment and with unfailing detachment in all circumstances.

Today, Luc is once again doing something unique and unlike anyone before him with this total and final sale.

"Whereas some people would hang on to their success and not let anything go, I choose the opposite way. »

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