Dec 30, 2020

The females were again the stars to open the second week of sales. Cosmicah Hero Z (Comme Il Faut x Kassander van 't Roosakker) launched the hostilities with a duel between the French, who were almost arbitrated by Switzerland, but the granddaughter of Panama du Seigneur will indeed go to Normandy after having been acquired for 57,500 euros. However, it is once again Gatoucha van't Roosakker who takes credit for the top price, as with the two previous days of sales! First with her daughter, Asteria Broekkant Hero Z (Aganix du Seigneur x Diamant de Sémilly). This full-sister of the international mares Attoucha Hero Z and Alana Hero Z was sold to Germany for 60,000 euros. The top price will go, as was the case last Wednesday, to a direct daughter of Paris Sellon's new star Attoucha van’t Roosakker. After Datcha Queen Hero Z (Dominator 2000 Z) sold for 90,000 euros last Wednesday, it is the turn of her uterine sister, but this time from a cross with the young 6-year-old stallion O'Neill van 't Eigenlo (Vigo d'Arsouilles x Montender), to make the most beautiful bid of the day. Ottoucha Hero Z will move to Ireland for 62,500 euros.

A more international sale than ever with buyers from Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, USA, Italy, Spain and of course Belgium.


A great launch for this second week of sales. For those who may be disappointed, there is still one evening of bidding left to make up for it.

Here you will find the the programme of the last sales day of the Stud Hero Total & Unique Auction.


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